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Compression Stocking Treatment

Compression stocking treatment is an effective yet conservative form of varicose vein treatment that involves wearing compression stockings that steadily apply pressure to the legs, preventing the pooling of blood in the veins.  Compression stocking treatment is extremely effective in treating varicose vein problems and controlling debilitating symptoms.

Compression stockings, also known as support hose, are elasticized stockings that run from the toes to the knees or sometimes to the top of the leg.  Compression stocking treatment does not cure varicose veins, but it does help to alleviate symptoms.  Compression stocking treatment is also utilized following more aggressive vein treatments in order to optimize the results of those treatments.

Depending on your particular situation, compression stocking treatment may be the first treatment approach attempted prior to moving onto other treatments.  Many insurers require patients to undergo compression stocking treatment first in order to receive coverage for more aggressive treatments.

Compression stockings come in a variety of colors and styles for both men and women.  The most common type of compression stockings are gradient compression stockings, which provide significant pressure around the ankle that becomes lighter as it moves up the leg.  For women who have varicose veins during pregnancy, there are special compression stockings available by prescription.

Stocking Compression
Compression stockings come in varying degrees of compression, which is measured in units known as millimeters of mercury, or mmHG.  The more severe your varicose veins are, the more compression your stockings will need to have.  Compression stockings with high degrees of compression require a prescription, while compression stockings with low degrees of compression can be found at most pharmacies and medical supply stores.

How to Wear Compression Stockings
You must wear compression stockings as soon as you get out of bed, before gravity causes blood to pool in your varicose veins.  The compression stockings must be worn all day in order to have effect.  When you lie down, you should take the stockings off and elevate your legs.  Compression stockings must be replaced when they lose their compressive strength, which typically takes place every three to four months.

At Innovative Vein, a tape measure is used to measure your legs to ensure a good fit.  Compression stockings should feel supportive, but not overly tight.  Compression stockings that fit poorly can obstruct venous flow.

Because stockings are quite tight, compression stockings can be difficult for some people to put on, particularly for those who have weak hands or arthritis.  Fortunately, there are devices available that make it easier to put on the compression stockings.

Benefits of Compression Stocking Treatment
Compression stocking treatment is simple, effective, and an inexpensive way to treat varicose veins.  On average, a pair of compression stockings costs between $50 and $125.  Stockings must be worn when standing up or moving about at all times, in order to achieve results.

Compression stocking treatment helps improve circulation in the legs and reduces the pooling of blood that occurs in the veins.  The stockings put pressure on the leg muscles that squeeze the veins and improve the flow of blood back to the heart.  Compression stocking are also highly effective in treating varicose vein symptoms, such as swelling aching, and tiredness.

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