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Ultrasound Evaluation

In order to properly diagnose varicose veins and determine their severity, we perform comprehensive ultrasound evaluations.  Through the use of ultrasound technology, we are able to determine if your varicose veins pose any serious risks, in addition to identifying which treatment would be the most appropriate for your condition.  At Innovative Vein, we have access to the most advanced testing methods and equipment to ensure that your diagnosis is highly accurate.

A comprehensive duplex ultrasound evaluation is one of the most important tests performed to diagnose varicose veins because it determines which treatment will be the most effective for your particular condition.  We need to understand the anatomy of your varicose veins and locate faulty valves in order to correct the problem.  Prior to performing the ultrasound evaluation, Dr. Cheatum will likely examine your legs while you are in standing position to look for swelling.  He will also carefully review your medical history and ask you if you are suffering from any of the symptoms commonly associated with varicose veins, which includes heaviness, aching, fatigue, restlessness, and swelling.

Why Ultrasound?
Varicose veins rarely pose a serious medical problem, but if your varicose veins cause you pain and discomfort, you need to consult a doctor.  Although some types of varicose veins can be diagnosed based on appearance, other types of veins require further investigation.  For example, if your varicose veins have recurred following surgery or your varicose veins have arisen from a faulty valve behind your knee, it is usually necessary to schedule a comprehensive ultrasound evaluation.  Ultrasound technology makes it easier for us to spot vein abnormalities and obstructions in areas that are otherwise difficult to examine.

A comprehensive ultrasound evaluation is a non-invasive and painless procedure.  It does not penetrate the skin or any openings of the body.  Ultrasound evaluations are purely diagnostic, meaning that they are used to diagnose rather than treat a medical condition.

How It’s Done
During a comprehensive ultrasound evaluation at Innovative Vein, a handheld device called a transducer is placed over the affected area, transmitting high-frequency sound waves that cannot be perceived by the human ear.  The sound waves bounce off the veins and are reflected back as detailed images on an external monitor.  The monitor produces moving images, which are easier to interpret than still images.  The evaluation usually includes duplex imaging, which are tests performed to determine whether there are any leaky valves or blood clots present in the veins.

Using ultrasound, we will be able to view a map of the veins underlying your skin.  Furthermore, the ultrasound will allow us to measure blood flow in both deep veins and superficial veins.  After the ultrasound evaluation is complete, Dr. Cheatum will recommend vein treatment options that are appropriate for your condition and answer any questions you may have about the recommended procedures.

A comprehensive ultrasound evaluation takes approximately 20 minutes to perform on each leg.  An ultrasound evaluation provides us with a detailed roadmap of superficial and deep veins in your legs, allowing us to plan your treatment more effectively.

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