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Top Four Reasons to Schedule Time for a Facial Treatment

It’s been a long week – too many responsibilities – too many deadlines. You try to fit in fitness time at the gym and quality time with the family but you feel drained. That’s when you know it’s time to head to the spa and take care of you.

A facial is one of the best ways to care for your skin as it cleans, exfoliates and feeds your skin. Treatments can dramatically improve your skin tone and texture as well as bring back your skin’s normal oil and pH balance. Not only are you improving your skin, you are giving yourself the gift of quiet time and relaxation. You will leave refreshed and renewed.

There are a number of benefits to scheduling a facial treatment:

  1. Increased circulation
    When you get a facial, it often includes a relaxing massage using special facial creams or other treatments. This step not only helps to deep cleanse skin and remove environmental toxins such as grease and dirt from pollution, it improves circulation to facial skin layers. This step actually helps increase the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to your skin cells giving you a healthy glow as your skin cells are plumped with essential nutrients and water. This process can help you reduce the look of dry, wrinkled skin and the will help the body maintain new skin cells.
  2. Younger, healthy-looking skin
    While there’s no true way to stop the aging process, a facial treatment can help give you a more youthful appearance while slowing down the skin-aging process. From chemical peels and laser treatments to microdermabrasion and HydraFacial, there are multiple ways to remove dead skin cells and increase collagen and cell growth thereby creating a younger, more supple appearance. There is a treatment available for every skin type.
  3. Time to relax
    Not only are facial treatments good for your skin, they are good for your soul. Taking a little time to yourself can do wonders for stress levels and allow you to recuperate. When you schedule time with a professional technician, you are giving yourself a chance to unplug from the rest of the world. This, too, will give you the solitude you need to recharge and will do wonders for your skin.
  4. Renewed confidence
    Taking care of your skin is essential to maintaining a healthy you. When you commit to regular facials, you can help reduce age spots, sun spots and fine lines as well as hydrate your skin. Excellent results can be attained through facial massage and professional exfoliation along with the addition of nutrients and antioxidants. Not only does treatment help reduce acne scarring but it helps unclog pores and restore an even skin color. And when we look better on the outside, we often feel a little better on the inside as our confidence is renewed. It won’t be long before you glow.

Are facials treatments for you?

The only way you’ll know is to schedule an appointment with Innovative Vein, one of the most trusted providers of this cutting-edge treatment.

Call our office today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation. We are here to help.

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