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Vaser Shape: Curing Muscle Aches, Cellulitis, Post-Maternity Fat and More Without Surgery

Cellulitis, muffin top, post-maternity fat, muscle aches and a host of conditions that stem from misbehaving tissue beneath your skin have continued to be some of the most annoying conditions to treat.

The worst part is that treating these conditions usually involves treatments that can be worse than the conditions themselves. Some even require painful surgery that can leave you debilitated during a prolonged recovery period and others can bring unsightly scars that never fade.

Some brilliant minds have made a breakthrough in the elimination of fat-related skin problems. Vaser Shape is a non-invasive surgical treatment that can give immediate and long-lasting results by treating the problem directly at the source: the underlying layer of flesh beneath your skin.

How Does Vaser Shape Work?

There are two main components to Vaser Shape

1)  The lymphatic (zonal) massage

2)  The ultrasound treatment

    • The zonal massage works to stimulate the lymph node system beneath your skin. This encourages damaged cells and waste to be removed, promotes the elimination of excess body fat and promotes an increased blood flow. It is the first step in promoting a healthier looking and feeling body.
    • The ultrasound treatment is applied after the massage. The ultrasound waves promote the underlying tissue into a state of excitement, which promotes cellular rejuvenation. It also encourages fat removal by stimulating the fat cells to release their stored contents into the lymphatic system so that those contents can be removed.

Where Can Vaser Shape Be Used?

Vaser Shape can be applied to almost any area of your body. Most patients have it applied to their abdomen, love handles, back, arms, hips, knees and buttocks.

It can be used in these areas to treat everything from cellulitis to muscle spasms, aches and pains.

Why Should you Use Vaser Shape Over Other Treatments?

Vaser Shape is unique in the sole fact that it does not require any cutting, scalpels or needles. That means there is minimal recovery time and the procedure itself is painless. The only sensations you will feel during a Vaser Shape treatment session is a warm sensation that may tingle.

Recovery time for Vaser Shape treatment is minimal, if it is even required at all. Likewise, results can be seen almost immediately after a one-hour treatment session.

Vaser Shape May Be Perfect For You

Vaser Shape is safe, requires almost no recovery time and produces immediate results. You will even be able to keep these results, provided that you follow your doctor’s dietary and exercise plans.

Is Vaser Shape the right treatment for you?

The only way you’ll know is to schedule an appointment with Innovative Vein, one of the most trusted providers of this cutting-edge treatment.

Call our office today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation. We are here to help.


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